Get your skin ready for summer without breaking the bank

Everywhere we turn there are piles of skin creams that all promise the world, yet deliver very little.

This is particularly prevalent in anti-ageing products, and our brains are bombarded with so much information it is easy to forget that there are some fun, effective and very inexpensive ways of getting out skin looking gorgeous for the summer, whilst also protecting it from those annoying signs of ageing.

Another thing we tend to forget is that the signs of ageing don’t appear overnight, and by incorporating workable methods into our daily routines we can greatly prevent them from appearing in the first place.

1. Massage an inexpensive oil into your body

After every shower get into the habit of not just slapping on a cream but instead use an inexpensive oil (cold pressed oliveoil will do) and rub it into your skin, everywhere. Not only does this help your body get rid of toxins through kick-starting your lymph glands, but it gives you that extra glow for the entire day because it stimulates your circulatory system. Don’t forget your face and neck – you can always dab away excess oil with a towel later.

2. Use your Smoothie as a Serum

The next time you have a chance to make your own fruit/green smoothie, leave some aside just for your face and neck. Many skin creams claim to have vitamins that work on your epidermis, however most vitamins actually oxidise within minutes of that cream jar opening. So instead use those amazing vitamins and minerals that you know are completely fresh, and let them sit on your face for 15 minutes. Not only will your skin take on any available vitamins but the fruit acids will help get rid of dead skin cells.

3. Use a Skin Supplement

Science has moved forward in great leaps and Nutraceuticals have now taken on a life of their own, producing clinical result effects that sometimes outweigh the effects of your daily skin cream. Research one with great ingredients like Resveratrol, CoQ10, Lycopene, Astaxanthin, MSM, Green Tea Polyphenols & Pine Bark Extract, and the right doses of those ingredients. We recommend BioCorrex Anti-Ageing Skincare

4. Do the Downward Dog

Yoga – there’s a reason those in the know do it. It is one of the most beneficial things to have arrived in the west in the last century for peace of mind and the body. But most of all, yoga has so many poses that require you to touch your head to the ground meaning that all the blood (and the nutrition within your blood cells) rushes to your face and neck. This is one of the best movements for an age-defied face and neck that we know, and it beats all that jogging that can lead to sagging facial muscles.

5. Start to ‘Raw’ daily

There is absolutely no doubt about it – injecting more raw fruits and vegetables and cutting back on red meats and processed meats is going to make a huge difference to the look and clearness of your skin but if that feels like a little too much right now then try just adding a couple of different fruits and vegetables into your everyday sandwiches and meals. Anything that contains beta-carotene and lycopene should start to make an attractive difference to your skin glow within approximately 6 weeks of daily use.

6. Find some space to Breathe

That’s right, learn to breathe in and out properly; meditation and yoga can train you to do this. Since breathing properly and deeply gets more oxygen and nutrients to your body’s cells, your skin almost immediately shows the benefits. The proper way to breathe is through your abdomen, not your chest. Start by inhaling through your nose and check that your abdomen is rising higher than your chest. Your exhale should be longer than your inhale as that is the way to properly oxygenate your lungs.

7. Indian Head Massage

Learn how to give yourself a face, neck, head and shoulder massage. Not only will it increase the circulatory system (the glow), it will help release tense muscles leading to less lines and wrinkles all over your forehead, the sides of your mouth and under your eyes.

8. Exfoliate

It doesn’t have to involve expensive gels with bits in them. Just get a pair of exfoliation ‘mitts’, which last about 2 years, and start scrubbing, gently. Just use with your ordinary soap in the shower and this gets rid of all your dead skin cells. That alone will help your skin glow.

9. Invest in a stylish Sun Hat and a great SPF

Stylish so that you’re happy to wear it often!Also,invest in a Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Sunblock. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 90% of the signs of ageing come from sun damage alone.

10. Drink 2 litres a day.

If you’ve never heard it before, sit up and take note. Hydrating your body makes your skin clearer and more beautiful. No excuses – start today.