Getting clean bacteria from your veggies in a green fashion

With the real cause of the E coli crisis in Europe still unknown, about 45% of people have changed the way that they clean their vegetables and fruit and at home with many choosing to use specific vegetable and fruit washing sprays and products.

Earth Friendly Products’ Fruit and Vegetable Wash is able to remove chemicals, dirt, heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, and wax from all fruits and vegetables without leaving behind any chemicals of its own or changing the taste.

Earth Friendly Products is known as a prominent manufacturer of natural cleaning products and thus it is no surprise that their fruit and vegetable wash is a great way to remove residue from food items before preparing or consuming them.  Water itself cannot get the wax off that oftentimes will hold in the agricultural chemicals, but the fruit wash by Earth Friendly Products is able to lift these off the fruits and vegetables so that you can make sure the food you prepare in your kitchen is safe for your family.

•          How to use: Cleaning fruits and vegetables such as apples and potatoes: spray enough to cover the entire fruit, rub then rinse with water.

•          Salads: Either spray directly onto the salad vegetables or dilute in a bowl of water and soak. Then rinse clean.

•          Muddy vegetables: dilute in a bowl of water and soak. Then rinse clean.

•          Also useful for cleaning  chopping boards, and other surfaces before and after preparing fresh produce.

Distributed by green-cleaning specialist Natural Eco Trading Ltd, Fruit and Vegetable Wash is part of the Earth Friendly Products extensive range of the purest, most effective green cleaners for the home and laundry. They provide consumers with the highest quality products containing only the most natural, sustainable ingredients.

Matthew Clark, of Natural Eco Trading Ltd said ‘Whether your fruit and vegetables are organically grown or not, it is always advisable to clean them very thoroughly before consuming. Most people think that rinsing in water is enough but our Fruit and Vegetable wash allows you to go one step further while not affecting the taste of the product. The Ecoli outbreak in Europe has highlighted the need to make sure any fruit and vegetables are washed and rinsed effectively before eating. We do not make any claim about our product removing the Ecoli bacterium, but we do know that it is effective as a general produce cleaner and that goes some way to giving consumers peace of mind. We have used this product in our own home for a decade now and find it invaluable’.

Fruit and Vegetable Wash comes in a 500ml bottle RRP £3.90

Earth Friendly Products are stocked at independent health food stores, farm shops, selected Holland and Barrett stores and department stores or they are available through on line retailers and at