Hair extensions, the full length of the style

You may have noticed when walking down the street, shopping at the local shopping center or on a night out with your partner the look that is in fashion today is long hair and is everywhere you turn.  So what can you do if your hair is short and your wish for it to be long like the style of today.

Well human hair grows at the rate of about one half of one inch per months. Therefore if your hair reaches the bottom of your ears it would be two full years to grow it so it runs half way down your back. By then the style will probably have changed to something that is much shorter.

Do not wait for just your own hair to grow. Hair extensions are a great way to get instant length and an easy fix for those with fine hair with them you can add some curls, thickness or even some waves to your hair and make it any style of colour.

To wait two years for most anything in today’s society is exactly not the in thing, while immediate results and immediate gratification is. Those in the industry saw the need and demand for getting an instant long hair look thus hair extensions were born and have become the hottest trend of today.

The extensions are not just limited to making your hair longer says the owner of Images by Rod & Company. Hair extensions can be supported by all types of hair. He creates cutting edge styles of hair extensions for customers Examples include straight and sleek hair, rich colour enhancements and vivacious ringlets with using the different low lighted and high lighted hair extensions.

The process of hair extensions is a challenging and painstaking one requiring various techniques and many hours to complete. But the end results are impressive as he can tweak techniques, recreate hair and fulfill all the needs of his client.

Self esteem is increased with hair extensions since they give a woman the chance to lengthen her hair without waiting for it. Some women have concerns extensions may damage their own hair or even cause them to lose some of their own.

There is no damage done to your own  hair because the extension are attached one quarter of an inch from the person’s scalp without them actually attached to the scalp itself. The majority of those that receive quality hair extensions do not lose any and have very few issues with maintenance of the extensions.