Hair for Heroes campaign launched

Poole based celebrity hairdresser Stephanie Stevenson calls on the salons across the country to boost the morale of families who are missing our Armed Forces heroes.

In a show of support for our troops serving all over the world,  Stephanie has been pampering the spouses they left behind for five months, and is now calling on other salons and small businesses to join her and do their bit to support our brave men and women fighting overseas.

Commenting on the initiative, Stephanie says: “As we all know, when you are working away, good news from home and your other half being in high spirits allows you to get on with your job much better and that applies especially to these troops who are away on long tours in an incredibly stressful environment.

Greta Wragg, serviceman’s wife. commented “When I first spoke to my husband about the ‘Hair For Heroes’ we though it was amazing! To be given the chance to be pampered and have time out is a really good thing. Chris liked it because he goes away and leaves me here with the children and he feels guilty about it, so he felt it was something special for me and I certainly felt special! It also gave us something else to talk about other than the kids and nursery as it’s a different experience to a normal hairdresser. I couldn’t wait to tell him about the lovely salon, the cupcakes, my hair! I felt so good afterwards, it benefited both me and Chris in different ways and we think it’s a fantastic idea, thank you!”