Have fun losing weight and learning self-defense

A lot of people think that losing weight is going to be hard because it involves tiresome exercise and boring routines.  However, losing weight does not have to mean going to the gym every day, because there are plenty of ways to get daily exercise that do not include running around a track, hitting the cardio machines, or standing in line for the free weights.  One of these ways is the ancient art of Chinese martial arts which can be a lot of fun and also a great way to tone and exercise at the same time.

Kung Fu or tai-bo are two of the most entertaining forms of martial arts and combine aerobic exercise with formal training that teaches you deep breathing exercises and toning exercises all in one go.  In fact, while it may seem simple on television the average kung fu lesson will burn around 700 calories and only take about an hour of your time once or twice a week.  That is almost half of the calories you consume per day while on a diet so it is easy to see how regular martial arts lesson would result in serious weight loss.

However, unlike heading to the gym, martial arts is a lot of fun and can help you sharpen your mind and concentration levels while helping you learn to live healthier.  The concentration techniques and deep focus can help you learn the self-discipline and focus needed to stay on track and teach you helpful self-defense techniques that will give you more confidence and a little bit more piece of mind at night.  With all of these perks in mind, it may just be time to drop the gym and in the words of Carl Douglas, find out just why everyone is kung fu fighting.