Healing with Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a nutrient that we get from sunlight and until recently it has been greatly undervalued for its healing abilities. Many people will be happy to learn that its easy to get this vitamin and benefit from its healing properties, and recent research has shown that it can help prevent numerous diseases and conditions.

Some of these include, cancer of the breast and prostate, depression, osteoporosis, obesity and even diabetes. This article is going to look at some basic facts about vitamin D and its health benefits.

Firstly, if you want to generate vitamin D then it is important you are in direct sunlight. Being exposed to sunlight through glass does not allow your body to produce vitamin D. This means that if you are sitting in a conservatory or in your car you are not creating the vitamin D that you need.

There is very little alternative other than sunlight for generating vitamin D, there are milk products that have been fortified with the vitamin but you would have to drink an enormous amount of them to get your daily required dose.

People with darker skin require around 30 times more exposure to sun than lighter people to create the same amount of the vitamin. Many people suspect that the reason prostate cancer is more prevalent in black men is because they do not generate enough vitamin D. Also, the further away from the equator that you live the more sunlight you require; thus people in the UK and the US need much more exposure to snlight.

Unlike with some other vitamins, a deficiency cannot be cured immediately by taking high doses. Months of supplementation as well as exposure to sunlight are the only ways to make up for a lack of vitamin D. Eventually deficiencies will be overcome and the bones and nervous system will be strengthened.

There are certain medical conditions that prevent your body from circulating the vitamin to the extent that you need. Liver damage or kidney disease can be conditions that affect your body’s ability to circulate it.

While sunscreen is very important for preventing sunburn and skin cancer it does impede the body’s ability to generate vitamin D enormously. Even a low factor such as eight can prevent your body from creating 95% of the vitamin D it would make without sunscreen. Make sure that you do not go outside for more than 20 minutes without some protection.

Vitamin D essentially allows us to absorb calcium into our intestines, without it we cannot absorb calcium efficiently and this can have significant effects on body. Even if you take calcium supplements this will be of little effect as the body has no way to absorb the extra amounts of the nutrient.