Healthy Recipes for Kids Learning to Cook

If your kids getting interested in where their food comes from, why not try some of our safety conscious recipes for kids? From breakfast to dinner to dessert, there’s something here to suit everyone, and plenty of opportunities to teach your kids about the importance of a balanced diet too!

Juicy Breakfast Recipes

Quick, name your favourite breakfast! There’s a pretty good chance you said “pancakes” – am I right? What about your kids? I figure there’s an even bigger showing for pancakes there. Well, what’s even better than pancakes? It’s rainbow pancakes – and you won’t believe how easy they are to make. You can find easy rainbow pancake recipes for kids online.

Bonus breakfast ideas for little fingers:
Fruit smoothies: infinite possibilities to suit every fussy eater! And a chance to learn safe chopping skills to boot (older children only – always supervise little ones with sharp objects!).
Oaty breakfast muffins: Take your favourite muffin recipe and substitute ? of the flour with rolled oats. What a great opportunity to teach kids about fibre!

Lunch Recipes for Kids with Taste

Sandwiches are a great way to provide a balanced lunch, but they can get a little boring. Why not show your kids the real value of fresh fruit and veg by helping them to grow their own ingredients for a special designer sandwich? Hard-boiling an egg is a fun activity under supervision, as is messily mashing up that egg with a tasty dressing. Add a sprinkle of homegrown cress and you’re done!

Laudable lunches for crust-haters:
Cold pasta salad: last night’s leftover pasta can become a great lunchtime treat if your kid’s imagination is given free rein with the toppings.
Packed tortillas: fresh salad, cold meats, smoked tofu, canned pulses, whatever their hearts desire – just pack your tortilla carefully to avoid spillage.

Impressive Dinner Recipes

Most people love pizza, and most of those people love pizza with a face even more – and that’s especially true for kids. Making a pizza base can be fiddly or messy, so you might prefer to get one from the supermarket. Once you have it, though, find some little ones to help you decorate – the funnier the face the better!

Other delicious dinners for keen cooks:
Chilled-out tacos: taco shells can be lightly warmed in the microwave, then filled with canned beans, cheese and fresh salad.
Baked eggs: this one’s super easy. Just crack an egg into a ramekin or small dish, add your favourite things (cheese, rocket, peppers, herbs, croutons…) and bake until it’s set! Be careful – it needs to cool before being served, and you should always keep an eye on little ones who want to use the oven.

Delicious Dessert Recipes

Cooking sugary treats can be dangerous, but freezing them? Not so much. Why not try making some ice lollies? You don’t need special lolly molds, just a pack of small fruit yogurts, some clean sticks, and a pile of fresh fruit. Just remove half the yogurt from each pot, then refill it with fruit and honey. You can also add seeds such as chia seeds if you want. Then, pop a stick right in middle and place your makeshift moulds upright in the freezer until set. Easy peasy!

Delicious desserts to get everyone involved:
Party time: baking a cake is the ultimate family activity. There’s something for all ages to get involved it, from measuring to decorating.
Banana blitz: step one, skin and chop a banana. Step two, freeze. Step three, blitz it in a food processor. Homemade ice cream is that easy, and it’s fat-free – even adults won’t be reaching for the exercise equipment after eating it!

Don’t forget: when teaching kids how to cook, the main things to remember are nutrition, safety, and fun. Always make sure the kitchen equipment your kids have access to is age-appropriate and that they’re supervised, try to include a lesson in every meal, and don’t ever be afraid of making a mess!