Home hair colouring

When the recession was at its height the hair colouring manufacturers once again started to heavily market home kits for hair colouring. In the late 1980s these were available for the first time and the world went wild for them.

It is not an easy task to colour your own hair, but some products today are in the form of mousse in order to make it easier to manage. This reduces the risk of it getting on the skin and staining, as this is really hard to get off. But the drawback is a line that circles the entire area of the hairline if you are not careful. Hair colouring at times has been compared to trying to cut the back of your hair successfully with a pair of scissors. It just is not easy.

In a film you often see someone that is on the run colour their hair after visiting a public restroom by first buying a hair kit from the store and a pair of scissors. They then cut their hair, dye it and leave the lavatory looking like a catwalk model. These are just films however, and reality is much different.

If it’s just a simple all over head colouring it can be achieved with the correct preparation. But it is rare to see successful colouring when it is the first time and over the many years it has been tried by many people and their friends.

The risk factor involved can lead to mistakes mistakes and to correct any errors can be quite costly. It is not just the monetary expense that is included in the risk factor. It is your peace of mind as well as the health of your hair.

If you have to visit a hairdresser because of a colour problem they are going to have to strip out the colour, and this causes hair damage due to the many times the hair is washed and rinsed. A treatment will also be advised before you can start colouring it again but that depends on the severity of the colouring problem and the subsequent treatments.