Honey is a great natural product for your skin

All of us have, hopefully, learned to pay attention to what we eat. And if we haven’t then we should have by now. There is enough information out there for us to know that we should be checking the ingredients of all the foodstuffs that we buy to consume. What a lot of us don’t know, however, is that we should be just as aware of what our skin takes in.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and therefore it is vital that we take good care of it. The skin is our body’s outer layer of protection and houses such things as hair follicles and sweat glands, all vital for our body to function well. Any skin products that we rub in or put on will be absorbed so it is essential that we know what ingredients these products contain.

One of the best natural skin care products is honey which is a humectant and is a natural moisturiser. It will hydrate and soften your skin and is therefore used in a lot of skin care products. You must still check what other products are combined with the honey, though, because if they are not good the effect of the honey will be neutralized.

It is important that you learn what ingredients are good for your skin. Although a lot of skin treatments include honey, it works just as well when applied on its’ own in its’ natural state. In fact the more natural and raw, for most honeys, the better they work.

Recently, research has shown that honey also anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. A honey found in New Zealand, the manuka honey, is especially good for this and is currently being used in the treatment of wounds, burns and skin infections that do not respond well to more conventional treatments.