How to get that healthy glow without going out in the sun

It’s funny how fashions change and the change in how people view the colour of their skin is no exception. Up until the 20th Century, pale skin was the colour everyone desired but then it became fashionable to have brown or bronzed skin and this was even associated with being healthy for a while. People would sit out in the sun for hours trying to achieve that healthy, bronzed look.

That all changed when we started to learn about how harmful the rays of the sun can be, causing cancer and premature ageing among other things. But people still wanted that bronzed, tanned skin so they continued to sit in the sun albeit covered in sun cream. There is an alternative though. For a while now there have been self-tanning products on the market which offer a much healthier and easier alternative to achieve that glorious tanned look.

However, even some of these products can contain some nasty ingredients that will do you more harm than good. So the secret is, when selecting your self-tanning product, to stay as natural as possible. There are products available with many natural ingredients that will not only give you that tan but care for your skin as well. Avoid products containing alcohol, chemicals that could be harmful to your skin or artificial colourants.

Instead go for the ones containing; Aloe Vera which will moisturize and sooth your skin; Vitamin E which is anti-ageing and protects the skin cells; Carrot oils to give your skin the colouring and also increase elasticity and firmness of the skin. Then there is Organic sea buckthorn oil. A fantastic natural product which reduces the signs of ageing, protects skin from the sun, and contains vitamins A, C, and E and essential fatty acids as well.