How to Whiten Your Teeth

We would all love a white smile, after all it is a sign of good health, the problem is that even if you brush your teeth on a regular basis you can still fall foul to stained or yellowed teeth. This problem gets worse if you smoke or enjoy a regular cup of coffee or tea.

It’s no wonder that teeth whitening is one of the most administered cosmetic procedures.

As a child your teeth are at its whitest. As we age our teeth darkens and yellows for various reason. The most common reason is the change in the mineral composition in our teeth, and because our enamel tends to become less porous.

Teeth whitening is often administered by a dentist, but it can also be done at home using a home teeth whitening kit, such as the ones found on  These kits as the name suggests can be carried out by yourself from your very own home, and are perfectly safe to use too.

Below we have listed all the other forms of teeth whitening.

Home Teeth Whitening Kits: the most common way teeth whitening is administered, and one of the cheapest too.  You should take care to look for kits that do not use peroxide as it can cause nasty and adverse side effects. Go for products that are EU compliant.

Laser Teeth Whitening: In this procedure some solution is applied to your teeth and then laser is directed onto your tooth, this treatment goes on for about an hour normally and you can see results straight after!

Whitening Toothpaste:  The toothpaste contains ingredients that help remove teeth stains through brushing over time.

Tooth Whitening Strips: Another home based treatment. Here as the name implies chemical strips are place over your teeth and left to work for about 30 minutes.

There you have it, the most popular ways to whiten your teeth, which could help you achieve the Hollywood smile you’re looking for!

Before you take on any kind of procedure or purchase any products please do make sure you are using something that is safe, always do your research and make sure your dentist is certified and that products are EU approved. If not you could face adverse reactions such burns, tooth sensitivity and sometimes overly white teeth.

Always take care to use only non peroxide based kits for home teeth whitening, and always consult your dentist if you have any doubt.