Hunger Games inspired cosmetics hit the shelves

One of the most eagerly awaited film releases of 2013 is The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The anticipation is more than what happens to Katniss, Jennifer Lawrence’s character. Style lovers will be waiting to check out the latest trends highlighted in the new film as Katniss gets ready for her winning Capitol tour.

Although the film does not open until 22 November, CoverGirl launched a luxurious make up line on 1 October that was inspired by the film. The line includes six “smoochies” Lip glosses, nine metallic nail polish hues, nail stickers and Mega Curl mascara. For those who were inspired by the looks from the film, there is something for them as is featuring 12 looks based on the 12 districts, throughout the month of October.

Giorgia Armani has launched the first of a kind CC product for the lips. The product is known as Rouge Ecstasy CC Lipstick. For those people who are aware of eschew foundation for CC cream, probably your lips may soon be breaking like your face in favour of something pricier.

Unlike the other CC creams, the CC in the Armani Lipstick means care and colour. According to the company, the Lipstick boasts of having a one of a kind formula that will help repair lips in addition to adding some colour and shine. One will have an option of choosing their favourite shade from 36 different shades designed to have the comfort of a lip balm but last like lipstick.

Once you have attained the prefect lips for this season, you can also update your manicure to a more dramatic one. Manicurist Deborah Lippmann known for her high-end collection and a list of celebrity clients like Jessica Parker, Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga launched a polish collection that was inspired by Elphaba, Wicked’s Glinda and the Emerald city.

The launch took place during the 10th anniversary of the Broadway Show. The shades include an emerald glitter, a glittering pink with some shimmer, and emerald green with a crème finish.