If at first you don’t succeed, create a better diet plan next time

Almost three out of every four diets will fail, but this statistic is not meant to depress you.  Instead it is meant to let you know that you are not alone if this is your second or third attempt to lose weight.  After all, if losing weight were really that easy then everybody would be walking around looking like Hillary Swank.  However, the fact that losing weight is difficult does not mean that it is impossible, and if you have failed before it just means that you need to reconsider your action plan.

The best way to start a diet is with a plan and positive thinking.  90% of the time when people fail at dieting it is because they approached the diet without clear laid plans or because they did not really think they could do it in the first place.  Therefore, the second time around you will want to sit down and logically create a diet plan that you know you can follow based on what you like and what your body needs in order to lose weight.  By mapping out your approach you are 50% more likely to actually take the right approach which is your first step towards a slimmer you.

When creating your plan make sure that you stick to the basics but change your routine a bit so that you can some perks and some cuts in a reasonable balance that you can handle.  While you may be inclined to jump in and cut everything out, this will only lead to binging, cheating, and burnout.  Therefore, it is better if you allow yourself some of the food items you love on occasion so that after a solid week of dieting you get a tiny reward that will keep you motivated and moving forward.