Imagine more now, eat less later

A new study from a group of behavioral research scientists has proven that you may be able to actually think your way towards weight loss.  Believe it or not, their study results suggest that the more you think about food the less likely you are to consume food meaning that you can literally ‘think’ yourself thin somewhat along the same lines as the power of persuasion.

In the study the scientists watched the behavior of three groups of people.  They were all told to think about eating M&Ms, with one group told to imagine eating thirty of the tiny chocolate morsels, one group told to think about eating just a small handful, and the last group told to imagine a candy dish full of the chocolates but not actually eating any.  Surprisingly enough, the group that was told to imagine binging on the chocolates ate the fewest later in the study when the M&M’s were actually placed in front of the participants.

The moral of the study is that if you think about eating the food you are craving before you actually give into the craving you are less likely to eat as much when the time comes.  This is due to the fact that you have fooled your mind into thinking that you have consumed more food than you have.

Thus, the next time you have a craving why not try a little mind over matter power and actually indulge your food fantasy for a good part of the day.  This way when you get home and can actually break into a bag of chips or candy you will realize that the treat is not as exciting anymore as it first was when the craving started.  As a bonus, thinking your way thin has got to be the easiest and cheapest weight loss philosophy out there on the market yet!