Innovative Facebook loyalty scheme launched by top hairdresser Andrew Collinge

Andrew Collinge, the hairdresser to the stars who has twice been voted British Hairdresser of the year, has just launched and innovative loyalty scheme on Facebook. The social network giant will now be at the heart of the retail experience is every one of his Graduates hairdressing salons.

The award winning Andrew Collinge group of salons is in the north west of England and has just been voted as the Salon Group of the Year. Through his Graduate salons, his company are committed to training and have built up a reputation as one of the foremost training providers in the UK, earning an ‘outstanding’ from the last three OFSTED inspections.

.Clients of the Graduates salon are now given the opportunity to apply in-store for a Facebook-enabled loyalty card. Touching the card on a ‘LikeStation’ in the salon will record their attendance and automatically share details of their visit, in-store promotions and offers on Facebook – all using the innovative Loyalty Connect solution from social media solution provider Excelerated Applications.

The Loyalty Connect solution links a customer’s Facebook profile to their loyalty card, giving retailers the ability to post content on their behalf as part of the in-store experience – such as check-ins, product purchases and even photos.

Retailers retain complete control over the content shared by their customers, and can track impressions created, clicks and customer engagements created as a result. Andrew Collinge said, “We’re delighted with the solution, and we’re already creating social media ambassadors out of our loyal clients. Nothing is more important to consumers than a personal recommendation, and this solution has already created thousands of these for us on Facebook.”

“Though we’ve only been live for a few weeks, we’ve already seen tens of thousands of impressions on Facebook, and hundreds of new visitors to our website and Facebook page. we’ve already seen tens of thousands of impressions on Facebook, and hundreds of new visitors to our website and Facebook page.”

The Loyalty Connect solution from Excelerated Applications is aimed at retailers looking to leverage the vast benefits of social media, whilst retaining a focus on the real-world in-store environment. Working either as a stand-alone solution, or integrated into an existing loyalty programme, Loyalty Connect allows retailers to create real-world Share, Like and Tweet buttons for their customers to share their in-store experience.

Excelerated Applications director Richard Smith said, “This has been a great project to work on, and with a vibrant customer base Andrew Collinge is seeing significant benefits already. Sharing experiences in the online retail space has become second nature for most consumers, but now real-world retailers can benefit in much the same way. Our solution allows retailers who focus on delivering incredible in-store experiences, whilst ensuring that this investment is seen across all social channels.”

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