Innovative health company brings the gym into the office place

StepJockey, a new health company, has declared its mission to help office going individuals to become fitter and stronger. The company aims to have men in offices develop stronger muscles and thighs without having to move out of their offices.

The workout that is inspired by nudge theory has been found to be very effective for men who sit behind their desks for hours and cannot hope to hit a gym every day.

The start-up is now calling on office workers around the world to lead the way and mark the buildings they work in for calorie burn.

“It takes just one person in an office to spark a stair climbing revolution there”, says StepJockey founder Helen Nuki. “For men the benefits in terms of heart health and stoke protection can be huge”.

“In the trials some guys started using it in place of the gym. It’s serious exercise – a vertical rush”.

The StepJockey system allows any set of stairs to be mapped and rated for calorie burn in moments at Once stairs are rated, you can print off a set of free smart posters immediately or order a set of smart signs with NFC. All StepJockey smart posters and signs can be read by the StepJockey app allowing users to track their performance and share with friends.

Unusually for a tech company, StepJockey is founded by a woman. Helen, a behavioural economics expert and mother of four, who had the idea after her seven-year-old daughter, Litzi, wondered why official signs, “Only tell you about the things that are bad for you”.

“StepJockey is about looking at the positive and promoting fitness for everyone a little bit at a time”, says Helen.

“We tell people how many calories are in food but we don’t tell them where they can burn them off. Through StepJockey, we are offering the opportunity to put that right. The world is a gym and through StepJockey we aim to positively label it as such”.

It takes just one person to rate a set of stairs – an office block, say – to have a positive impact on everyone who uses that building.

In trials involving more than 250,000 stair/lift journeys, stair climbing increased by up to 29% when the building was equipped with StepJockey smart signs. When office workers were able to track and gamify their stair climbing, stair use jumped by over 500%.

According to Professor Alan Batterham, Professor in Exercise at Teesside University, and an advisor to StepJockey, stair climbing is a surprisingly powerful form of exercise and it has benefits that go beyond weight loss.

“Building a vigorous physical activity like stair climbing into your daily routine is an excellent, time-efficient way to help increase your fitness and control your weight,” said Professor Batterham. “You also reduce your risk of chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and breast and colon cancers.”

The smart posters and technology used allow StepJockey to fit seamlessly into the built environment and daily urban life, making it easy to reach those too busy to exercise or anyone who might be embarrassed to go to the gym. This makes StepJockey particularly effective in kick starting physical activity and behaviour change in those with a BMI over 25.