Ionic foot baths are becoming very popular

Ionic foot baths are a continuing craze across the US, Canada, and Western Europe. Knowing how this foot detox device works is important in understanding why it can be beneficial. Toxins can accumulate in your organs and the kidneys, liver and intestines are taxed with cleaning then from your body. Over time however these organs collect so many toxins that they can no longer cope, at this time we must detoxify ourselves.

Organs, such as the liver, are only capable of filtering a certain amount of toxic material out of the bloodstream. When there are many toxins present in the body they cannot remove everything. This is something that is very prevalent in alcoholics, the overwhelming number of toxins, from the alcohol in their body causes Cirrhosis of the liver, and this is where the liver is scarred from the build up of toxins in it that it is unable to process.

Most people never get their liver to that stage, through social drinking cirrhosis is very unlikely to occur. You may come down with diabetes, however, which may be caused by the consumption of soft drinks. High fructose syrup is now the primary sweetener in regular soft drinks, this is capable of causing diabetes. In diet drinks, aspartame which is marketed as a preventative of diabetes is actually more toxic than fructose syrup.

Interestingly, when making aspartame the materials used are the same toxins that are found in the bacteria e coli, which are well known to cause serious sickness. This is something you may want to keep in mind next time you reach for a diet drink. The chemical aspartame is used in many sweets also.

The consumption of drugs or cigarettes, which are environmental toxins, is also a way of causing toxins to enter our bodies. In the US it is estimated that a person consumes 300 various toxins in a single day, so by now it must be clear why a foot detox spa is important.

An ionic foot spa has an electrical charge run through the water, which has Epsom salts in it. Placing your feet in the water allows the ions present in the spa to encourage the kidneys and liver work harder. Sweat also helps remove toxins from the blood, which is stimulated by the footbath.

Using the bath for half an hour to 90 minutes will be beneficial. Supplement the spa with a juice diet to allow the liver to rejuvenate itself.