Kelta Fit DVD first Scottish Dance Fitness Workout

Kelta Fit  ( ) is a new fitness DVD based on Scottish Dancing and will be launched at the beginning of December 2014.  Ali Barnes, manager of band Licence to Ceilidh ( ) and Ed McCabe, manager of the Ceilidh Club ( ) are the founders of Kelta Fit. The DVD will bring you fitness from Scotland.

Kelta Fit is a world first as it combines specially adapted Scottish & Irish dance moves with an original sound track of lively, traditional music.

Ed McCabe said: ‘I have been running the Ceilidh Club in London since 1998 and people kept telling me what a good work out it was. I approached Ali and it turned out that she had been thinking along the same lines.’

Ali Barnes said: ‘This isn’t your normal workout! We paired Scottish Ceilidh moves with aerobic exercises to create really easy and fun dance routines. My husband, Philippe is a professional musician and he composed & produced the soundtrack, which we performed with our band Licence to Ceilidh. It’s a mixture of traditional and original Celtic music that’s really energetic – there’s no way that you can stand still when you hear it, you just have to move! This is what’s going to keep people motivated to do the workout, time and time again.’

Ali added: ‘I studied dance from a young age and my sister is a fitness instructor, so it was great to bounce ideas off her. Our Kelta Fit instructor, Francesca, is a highly experienced dance teacher, so we brought all our talents together in the making of this DVD.  Francesca has great energy too, her instructions are so clear and she really keeps you engaged throughout the workouts!’

Ed, who is from Edinburgh, added: ‘You hear so much about the Scotland being the land of the deep fried Mars bar and unhealthy lifestyles when there is so much great food and exercise going on. We hope that Kelta Fit will play a part in changing the image of Scotland as well as bringing enjoyment to lots of people.’

Kelta Fit DVD and download will be available in early December 2014.