Introducing Kromland Farm’s Organic Rooibos Caramel Tea

Dive into a velvety cup of Kromland Farm’s Rooibos Caramel Tea, sure to soothe your soul while satisfying your sweet tooth with every sip!

Kromland Farm have taken their organic rooibos and infused it with a hint of natural caramel to create this wonderfully indulgent brew. Vegan friendly, packed full of goodness and the only naturally caffeine free herbal tea that can be enjoyed with milk, this is the ideal healthy swap for your sugary morning latte or creamy cappuccino.

Kromland Farm has been cultivating rooibos since 1902. But that’s nothing – South Africa’s indigenous Khoisan people have been enjoying its rich flavour for millennia. In fact, it was a Khoisan farmer that first shared with Kromland Farm the secrets of this uniquely sweet and soothing tea, and they’ve been making it to the same recipe ever since.

Low in tannin and high in antioxidants, rooibos (redbush) is a full-flavoured herbal tea only grown in South Africa and cultivated in its remote Cederberg Mountains. Gently hydrating, it has long been valued for its natural goodness and is thought to help with nervous tension, allergies and digestive problems.

To make the perfect rooibos, use one tea bag per person and always use freshly boiled water but avoid over-boiling. Infuse for two to five minutes, depending on how strong you like it, and sweeten if preferred. Serve with or without milk, it’s up to you.

Kromland Farm’s Organic Rooibos Caramel is available in Whole Foods, independent health food shops and online at – RRP £2.49 for 40 teabags