Leading cosmetic surgeon praises new neck lift that doesn’t require surgery

A cosmetic dermatologist that is known throughout the world is now praising a new alternative to the neck lift that does not require any surgery. The new neck lift is called the Nefertiti neck lift and allows people to get the same results as a neck lift but without any actual cutting making it a much less invasive procedure.

Instead it uses Botox injections that are spread out underneath of the jaw line and then angled back in towards the platysma muscle. This allows the muscles underneath to be balanced out a bit more allowing the jaw to be lifted upwards towards the neck resulting in the same visual effect as a surgical neck lift.

Medical director of Bangalore’s well known Kosmoderma Clinics, Dr. Chytra V Anand stated that a perfect neck and jaw line with definition are both features that are very prominent at the start of people’s lives, however, as they start to age signs of aging start to show up. According to Anand, for most people this means that the skin that surrounds the neck begins to sag and it starts to look obvious that a person is aging.

However Anand stated that the Botox treatment will help the skin move upwards so that sagging is drastically reduced. It also helps to offer contours in the neck while adding definition to it. The process of Nefertiti is a very easy and simple process that helps to bring a tighter look to the neck so that patients can look younger without having to suffer through any type of surgery.

In order to get the best facial and neck structure, many patients find that it is best to combine Botox along the upper face with the Nefertiti Botox. In order to keep the skin tight the treatment must be performed every four months at least.