Look after your feet and they will look after you

Most people have a lack of awareness about proper foot care. The feet are one of the pieces of our anatomy that suffer the most use and abuse, but most people remain uncaring towards their feet. In an average day a person will walk around nine thousand steps. With this kind of strain being put on our feet everyday it is no surprise that people often suffer from foot pains or aches.

The feet are also a good indicator of a more serious underlying condition and can be used in the diagnosis of some important medical conditions. This can include issues from diabetes to heart disorders. It is important therefore that people establish a foot care regime and choose what they wear on their feet carefully. Eating a healthy diet is also an important step in keeping your feet healthy.

A good way to avoid foot problems is to do some form of foot,care daily. This should involve cleaning the feet, then exfoliating them and finally applying moisturiser. Cleaning the feet should involve cleaning out the areas that are reachable behind the nail as well as cleaning between the toes. Fungi can grow in damp places, so make sure you always dry your feet off well or you may end up with a case of athletes foot.

A pumice stone will be an essential tool in the removal of hard areas on the skin and callouses. Be sure not to rub away too much and always apply a moisturiser afterwards. It would also be recommended that for extra soft feet you sleep in a pair of clean socks. A weekly routine including a pedicure is a good way to keep your feet wonderfully healthy – you can either do this yourself or pay for a treatment.

Women have many more foot problems than men because they do not wear shoes that are optimal for their feet. Instead, they will choose something that looks good, rather than something that is comfortable. Just remember that your feet are fragile and wearing the wrong sized shoes can even result in having to have corrective surgery.

It is not just the shoes that are important when deciding what to wear on your feet, selecting the right hosiery is important. Make sure that whatever you choose fits you completely and when worn with your shoes is comfortable.

There are problems with feet that are not caused by a lack of foot care or by wearing the wrong shoes. These are generally because you diet is lacking in the nutrients that feet need to be healthy. This type of foot problem will often present in you having very brittle nails or having very dry feet.

Luckily, some simple adjustments to one’s diet should alleviate these problems. For example, those who suffer from dry feet will probably be able to fix the problem by adding a little flaxseed oil to their diets – try two tablespoons daily. Other problems can be treated with the additional of vitamins C and E, among others.