Look after your hair properly with the right salon hair products

Looking after your hair is important any time of the year, but in winter it seems to be more of an issue as our hair is forced to battle against wind and rain outside and constant central heating inside, as well as the normal amount of stress that it comes under through colouring and styling. Because of this, there are certain hair care tips and salon hair products that you must remember in order to look after you hair in winter so that come spring your hair is ready for anything.

The important thing to remember when caring for your hair is that you must know the type of hair that you have. There are salon hair products for every kind of hair, from oily to dry and everything in between, so you have to know what you are dealing with first. Once you know you hair type, then you can choose what salon hair products will work the best for it.

Shampooing your hair is the first way to really look after it because shampooing not only cleans your hair but also rebalances and reactivates your scalp’s natural defences. For dry hair, try Kerastase hair products like Kerastase bain oleo relax shampoo because it intensely hydrates your hair leaving it silky and frizz-fee. For colour-treated hair, Redken hair products offers a range of shampoos that will protect your colour, such as the Redken blonde glam shampoo or the Redken colour extend shampoo. Or for combination hair (which means that you have an oily scalp but dry ends) why not try Kerastase hair products biotic bain bio recharge shampoo to rebalance your scalp’s natural defences?

The next way to really look after your hair is to condition it with a good quality salon hair product. For hair that has been severely damaged, try Kerastase hair products masque chroma riche conditioner. This salon hair product is a daily treatment that is used like a conditioner and is best for hair that is dry or damaged through treatments and dyeing. Or for hair that really has lost its moisture, Redken’s clear moisture conditioner helps to replenish and rebalance you hair’s moisture levels for a soft, airy finish.

Now whilst conditioning is absolutely essential to any hair care routine, a treatment every once in a while is the best way to really make your hair shine. And the best thing is that with so many salon hair products on the market- you can now treat your hair from home and save some serious cash.

Known for their fantastic rage of styling products, including the range of tigi bed head products, Tigi have bought out the amazing Tigi catwalk curls rock leave-in moisturizer that defrizzes and detangles so that your curls or waves are perfectly defined and glossy. Kerastase hair products also do a range of treatments such as the Kerastase masquintense fins conditioner, which is ideal for fine hair and the Kerastase masquintense epais conditioner, which is ideal for thick hair.

Finally, when styling ensure that you use a product like Redken’s smooth down heat glide as a leave-in product when you are using one of the best selling ghd straighteners. And for styling go for salon hair products like Tigi bed head’s wax stick for natural hold and definition or the after party smoothing cream for shiny, healthy looking hair.