Lower Back Pain Causes and Treatments

How Lower Back Pain is Caused and Treated

Lower back pain is a bothersome condition that can greatly impact a person’s life. This is a condition that can be caused by various different factors ranging from inflammatory conditions to injuries. It can be treated many ways based on the severity of the pain.

This condition occurs when muscles or nerves near the lumbar vertebrae, which is located around the lower part of the spine, are injured or subjected to high amounts of pressure. This damage can occur through many processes including from an injury, an inflammatory condition like arthritis, an infection in the area or from a possible bone tumor. Depression has been noted as a cause too.

There are three levels of pain that are common. The acute level of pain is where the symptoms last for less than a month. The sub-acute level is where the pains are present for up to three months. The third level is the chronic state where the pain occurs for more than three months.

All sorts of treatments can be used for this condition. Being more active physically helps but the use of acupuncture can help to get lower back pain to be relieved naturally. Massage therapy can help to soothe the affected area.

The use of ice or heat on the affected area has been known to help with relieving pain symptoms. Back surgery is used in some chronic cases as well. It is generally reserved for cases where the pains are created by degeneration in the lower back, fractures in the area and bone tumors that may be cancerous.

This is a type of back pain that can be troubling and can make it hard to move or do regular everyday things. This back pain can be effectively handled with various therapies and processes especially if treatment starts soon after the pain begins.