Magical illusion, a pair of tights that give you perfect pins!

We have recently been stunned by the appearance of Kate Winslet and her impressive curves, but it seems that it was all an optical illusion. She was wearing a Stella McCartney dress with cleverly positioned paneling which flattered Kate’s shape, and at the same time gave her a very impressive bust and a super slim waist.

This type of garment is now moving further down, and the online hosiery retailer are awaiting their stock of clever tights to arrive, and these give the impression that the wearer has longer slimmer legs. Pretty Polly’s Slimming Effects Tights have been printed with subtle shading which results in legs seeming to have an altogether slimmer silhouette, as well as them appearing perfectly proportioned.

While these may seem very new and inventive, hosiery trickery is certainly nothing new. During WWII, nylon was only used to make parachutes and hosiery was like gold dust, so women would stain their legs with gravy browning, shoe polish or tea, and then enlist a friend to draw a line down the back to give the impression they were wearing seamed stockings.

Their eyes would pop if they could see the technical advances that have been made in the manufacture of hosiery, and that computer led design allows 21st century women to simply pull on a pair of tights to achieve perfect pins. You can pre-order your Slimming Effect Tights now at Tightsplease, they are available in one size and they cost £12.50 a pair.