Make up as a tattoo cover up

Tattoo removal is a very expensive process but is something that many people who have had tattoos done might want to go through. Removal is something that many people will have to save up for but until they can get their tattooed removed there are ways to keep them hidden using more affordable techniques.

Make up as one of the ways to do this and a popular type of make-up to cover-up tattoos is Dermablend. There are many other types on the market however and it would be wise to find one that is well suited to your skin type.

If you are going to cover-up tattoos with make-ups then it’s very important that you get the right type of make up for your skin colour. It is possible to mix different make-up colours together until you achieve a good match and it is important to remember that when make-up dries it tends to darken a little.

When you start to conceal your tattoo with make up make sure that the area is dry, clean and doesn’t have any hair on it. It can be a good idea to use a foundation brush to apply the make up to the area where the tattoo is located. It is also good idea to cover slightly around the edges of the tattoo. The first layer of make up might not be enough to cover the entire design and so you might have to add two or three more layers.

It is important that you don’t apply one thick coat, but apply several thin coats. You should also wait for each one to dry before applying the next, this process can take a while but it is important if you want to have an effective result. After applying the make up use a spray to set it.