Many women still make use of very old beauty regimes

The results of a study done by Modern Milk, the sophisticated drink; have been revealed and British women’s beauty habits are getting no less bizarre. Habits such a sleeping on the bag to avoid wrinkles and spraying the face with hairspray to avoid make-up smudging are still popular, as are spraying perfume onto a hairbrush so your hair carries an alluring fragrance.

2000 women took part in the study, and the research revealed that when it comes to beauty habits, rituals and routines 4 in 10 women used household items or products. These included cold teaspoons to reduce puffiness round the eyes and using toothpaste for spots. For some women hard skin and cracked heels on the feet isn’t an option as they sleep in thick socks that are filled with moisturiser.

A spokeswoman for Modern Milk has said that whilst some of the beauty regimes were much more extreme than others, it was clear that some women were still going to great lengths to look good. She also said that whilst handy little tips and hints were all well and good, spraying hairspray into your face and sleeping on your back were rather extreme, and that the poll was intended to find out the alternative beauty treatments that came from the kitchen cupboards.