Men’s Running Magazine launched

The first issue of Men’s Running magazine goes on sale this Thursday, 2nd September with its digital platform live at  The magazine is published by Wild Bunch Media, and is a follow up magazine to Women’s Running.

Men’s Running is the UK’s first running magazine just for men and will deliver credible and authoritative running content for beginners and regular runners in a style and tone which modern men respond to.

Editor Danny Coyle says: ‘Running hasn’t been perceived as cool in the past but that has changed. Like most men, blokes who run care about their gear and gadgets, they like to laugh and love impressing their mates and, of course, women. Men’s Running will offer a humorous, yet edgy editorial style and will target the average bloke who runs but probably doesn’t define himself purely as a runner.’

Coyle adds: ‘Our target reader runs to get fit for other sports, to lose his beer belly, to challenge and be better than his mates, to impress women and, as a result, enjoy a better quality of life – all thanks to running.’

Kevin McCormick, director at WBM, says: ‘Since its launch, Women’s Running has grown the running sector at news-stand by over 40% due to its editorial quality and relevance to women who run. Insights from our research suggest that Men’s Running will grow this sector further for the same reasons: quality and relevance. There are over a million men who run in the UK and many are now sophisticated consumers of magazines and users of digital media. Men’s Running will deliver content they want in a style and tone which they now expect. We will bring more purchasers to the news-stand and create a new audience for advertisers in print and online’.

Men’s Running magazine will be available nationwide in major retailers including WH Smith, Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrisons, ASDA, Waitrose, Martin McColl, Easons and all good newsagents. It is priced at £4.20.  Discounted subscriptions are available also – click here for more details.