Modern eyebrow surgery, less is sometimes more

When it comes to modern eyebrow surgery it may actually be that less is actually more in most cases. This is because now there are much less invasive techniques that can create a lasting brow without so much fuss.

At the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery that was held this past week in NYC many different minimally invasive brow shaping techniques were discussed and it was concluded that it is always better to choose a less invasive approach.

Dr Richard Warren from Vancouver, Canada stated that many surgeons are now realizing that the very aggressive procedures of the past did not in fact create a very natural look. IN fact, it was usually clear that surgery had been done.

However, now they are finding that by just making small changes to brow position and shape they can create a large difference in the way eye brows look. He added that women have known this fact for years which is why so many of them pluck their eyebrows.

Every panel member has created their own minimally invasive produce in order to alter their brows and to help bring a little life into the upper part of their face. Throughout the week each procedure was compared and the panelists are now waiting for six months follow up to compare the four cases and decide which has offered the best results.

Marseille, France cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Alain Fogli stated that for the best outcome the approach has to be tailored to fit each specific patient and therefore will require a combination of different non-surgical and surgical techniques.

Before redefining a brow a surgeon needs to look at the shape, position, structure, thickness, and distance between the brows before making any final decisions.