Modo Drinks’ Cold-Pressed Matcha Makes The Ultimate Detox

Modo Drinks has launched a flavourful new line of cold pressed teas which harness the antioxidant and detox properties of matcha, all blended with uplifting fresh fruit juices. Available from Selfridges, Modo’s revitalizing matcha green tea blends are perfect for those wanting to start the New Year brimming with goodness. All-natural and packed with feel good, Modo cold pressed teas quench thirst and boost energy levels.

Available in two exquisite blends, Modo drinks are steeped in a cold brew process and mixed only with natural ingredients. Once all of the goodness has been extracted from the highest quality matcha tea leaves and the powder steeps, the brew is combined with ?raw fruit juices to create two delicious Modo drinks; Lemon and Matcha Green Tea and Pineapple and Matcha Green Tea.

A taste bud bursting treat for those looking to transform their health and wellness in 2016, the two new flavours are available from Selfridges. They will also be featured in a special pop-up during Japan Week in store in February.

Modo Drinks were born from founder and mix master, Salvatore Lioniello’s passion for matcha. Fresh and cold pressed, matcha is a very powerful type of green tea found in Japan. It is created by dissolving powdered green tea leaves in a cold brew that because it is unpasteurised, retains high levels of Vitamins A and E, beta carotene and antioxidants.  Fresh matcha is powerful and refreshing and helps the body detox while restoring energy levels. Buddhist monks believed matcha contained a precious, life preserving medicine but it is also brimming with other health benefits, including increased mental clarity and a stronger immune system.

Modo Drinks, however, aren’t just a boon for the body. They’re also exceptionally invigorating.  Modo founder Salvatore Lioniello said, “We’re very excited to launch our exquisite, healthy blend of matcha cold pressed drinks this New Year. These are the very first cold pressed tea drinks to be available anywhere in the country and make old fashioned drinks outstanding with a modern twist.

“Packed with flavour and overflowing with detox and antioxidant properties, our teas offer a perfect New Year boost and lay the foundations for a healthy 2016. We’re delighted to launch in Selfridges and look forward to showcasing our delicious drinks at the Modo pop up in February.”

Modo preserves the health benefits of matcha green tea and its zesty fruit juice blends by adopting revolutionary cold press methods. This preserves the vitamins and minerals present in the fresh ingredients so the entire goodness of the fruit and leaves can be bottled.

Discover the uplifting flavours of Modo cold pressed teas at Selfridges London from January 2016.

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