Mother and daughter team create range of products for redheads

A mother and daughter who have been working as a team in Yorkshire have created a website which is going to focus on selling a shampoo that brings out the vibrancy of people with red hair.

They decided to create a website selling the shampoo after they couldn’t find any shampoo that was good enough on the high street.

The pair, Jen and Jessica Shailes, used to have a product that they were very pleased with but when they found out it was being discontinued they couldn’t find a replacement.

It is certainly well known that red hair is fashionable right now and you will feel as if you are seeing redheads everywhere. In actual fact, the number of natural redheads is incredibly low, with an estimated three percent of the population having red hair.

‘After doing some research we discovered that larger companies were discontinuing products because they couldn’t make the volumes they were used to.’

As a result of the research they set up Everything for Redheads ( with the mission: to provide Redheads what they want and struggle to find on the high street. They have been able to source a broad range of products so far and have had a great time doing it.

Product range

It started off with shampoo but quickly branched into other hair products and cosmetics for pale skin. After collecting a lot of information from their community, they have been able to hunt down products that are required by their fellow redhead

‘We’re great guinea pigs, because if we don’t love it, it doesn’t go into the range.’

While the website was initially created to cater for problems sourcing make-up and hair products, in the future they aim to branch into gifts, novelty items, and cater more to men.

International Growth

They soon found out that they weren’t the only ones, with women from across the globe complaining that they couldn’t find hair treatments products for Red hair. Originally it was expected that ‘Everything for Redheads’ might be limited to the UK – having a higher density of redheads than anywhere else in the world. However, there has been such a high international interest in the products that they now ship globally and plan to continue to let their range grow.

Redheads by Choice

Jen and Jess have been pleasantly surprised that half of the people registering with their website have dyed red hair, and that they have shared their experiences. People with dyed and naturally red hair have different needs, but they have found that they are united in one way; their desire to enhance their red shades and keep them looking vibrant. Red hair seems to fade quickly, and when you’re spending money on dye treatments it can be quite disappointing to see the vibrancy of your colour fading fast.

‘To us, those that are Redheads ‘by choice’ are as important as the ones who have naturally red hair. They have chosen to have that colour and for many, it’s not just about a different hair colour, being a ‘Redhead’ is an identity.’

The Redhead Tribe

It isn’t just about finding products, after connecting with a group of like-minded redheads there was an opportunity to discuss other issues related to having red hair. The website and social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook actively discuss and give tips on dealing with bullying, protecting fair skin against the risk of skin cancer, and fashion and beauty. They often have guest’s contribute with topics of interest and proactively look for new ways to address product gaps.

Being a minority that aren’t geographically concentrated it’s rare that Redheads get to feel a sense of community.

‘I am lucky because my Mum is also a redhead, but some people don’t have another redhead in their family, or friendship group.’ says Jess. ‘

You can imagine that this can feel isolating but being on Social Media like Twitter and Facebook helps many people connect with other redheads and feel part of that tribe. The business has allowed Jess and Jen to get in touch with their ‘roots’ and it’s been an adventure.

‘We’re really looking forward to ‘Redhead Day’ in Holland at the end of August, because we get an opportunity to celebrate being a redhead with others.’

The future for Everything for Redheads

Jess and Jen want the future of the business to be driven by demand and to follow what is needed by redheads but not available on the high street.

‘We will continue to follow our motto: “by redheads, for redheads and those who love redheads!”’