MouthWatchers celebrates 3 Years of their Antimicrobial toothbrushes

For the last three years MouthWatchers has been delivering a unique toothbrush that utilises silver to eliminate bacteria and promote better oral health and is now calling on individuals to consider how clean their toothbrush really is. The average toothbrush is home to more than 100 million bacteria but, thanks to its silver infused bristles, MouthWatchers’ offering gets rid of the majority of grime that builds up on bristles in just six hours while still delivering a deep and gentle clean.

Dr Ronald Plotka, Founder of MouthWatchers, said, “Teeth aren’t just important for our smiles but our overall health too and we shouldn’t underestimate how vital it is to keep them in the best condition possible. It’s not just about how frequently we brush or floss either, the tools we use to keep our teeth clean can have a big impact too. The MouthWatchers toothbrush has been designed from a dentist’s perspective and developed to ensure that it always thoroughly cleans teeth and is free from bacteria, providing you with the perfect tool for better teeth and oral hygiene.”

The innovative MouthWatchers toothbrushes combines two technologies to provide a better clean and improve oral health in those using the products. Silver has long been used thanks to its micro-bacterial properties and MouthWatchers has incorporated the material into its toothbrush bristles, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria, which would otherwise thrive in the warm, moist environment of the average bathroom. The firm also uses thinner and softer bristles designed to provide a thorough clean between teeth, unlike traditional brushes, and still be gentle enough for sensitive gums and those wearing braces.

The company is dedicated to creating and selling products that take oral hygiene to the next level with clinically-proven dental health items. With that in mind, MouthWatchers also ensures that their products are user-friendly and affordable for the average family they serve. The firm was founded by dental expert Dr Ronald Plotka and his four decades of experience operating within dentistry leadership is reflected throughout the organisation’s innovations.

The MouthWatchers toothbrush comes in two variations, one suitable for adults and a smaller version for children to use to ensure their teeth are cleaned just as thoroughly.

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