My Relationship With Food, A 100 Recipe Cookbook Featuring A Chef’s Journey To Healthy Eating


A timely new cookbook, My Relationship with Food, gives an insight into how one woman, a Le Cordon Bleu chef, has overcome personal challenges around body image and eating, and how she’s been able to successfully manage this relationship with food.

With 100 gluten free recipes that don’t contain refined sugar or an overload of carbohydrates, Chef Lisa Roukin, demonstrates that this well-documented style of eating really works. Her recipes use ingredients that are easily sourced and are both wholesome and nutritious.

This month, The Government Equalities Office Body Confidence Report, revealed that as a nation our self-image is at an all time low. Surprisingly, this lack of self-confidence is not just prevalent in young women but is increasingly widespread amongst men and women of all ages.

Key findings
•UK perceptions of body image are at an all time low
•More than 1 in 3 women and more than 1 in 4 men are now dissatisfied with their body image
•37% of women and 26% of men have body confidence issues according to a government report published this month
•Eating disorders were this month reported as commonly presenting in girls as young as 8 to 12

Le Cordon Bleu chef, Lisa Roukin is today a photogenic professional chef and educator, passionate about healthy eating – but she wasn’t always that way. As an overweight child, Lisa was subject to taunts. Deciding to change her body, led to an eating disorder. Today, after knowledge gleaned both at chef school and through her cooking classes with students, Lisa has a healthy attitude to food and eating.

Lisa is not alone: only 63% of women are satisfied with their appearance compared with 74% of men. Evidence shows that popular culture places burdens on people’s wellbeing and self esteem, often resulting in low confidence and self-consciousness. This can contribute to lowered aspirations and psychological wellbeing and heightened vulnerability to risky behaviours. Boys and men are affected as well as girls and women, but there is a particularly marked impact on women’s choices and life chances .

Says Lisa “Over the last few years, I can honestly say that My Relationship with Food is now where it should be. These changes didn’t happen overnight, it took time – but I got there and you can too. The food we eat has a huge impact on how we feel, both mentally and physically.”

Lisa’s debut cookbook, “My Relationship with Food”, available at the end of November, shows how it’s possible fight and win the battle to take charge of our relationships with food and positively thrive – using a combination of mindfulness and considered choices – this cookbook shows how eating healthy, nourishing foods doesn’t need to be restrictive – indeed, the opposite is true – we can eat delicious meals and snacks that not only taste wonderful but also benefit us in every way.

Says Lisa: “The key to a balanced and happy life is about successfully managing relationships – with friends, family, the way we view life, the situations with come across and yes, even with our food. We have choices in every moment of our lives and some of us may view our eating habits, our thinking around food and our diets as either negative or positive influences on our sense of self and our well-being. “