MySupermarket says most health products are always half price

A recent analysis by MySupermarket has found that for around half the time the leading 500 beauty and health products are on offer, and usually these offers are valued at around 40% to 50% off. Many of these deals are buy one get one free offers or straight discounts. The study by the group showed that the average person in the UK is spending 96% more than they need to because they are unaware of which products are on promotion and where these promotions can be found.

If you look at the different prices available on the market for some products then the differences can be quite astounding. An example of a product from L’Oreal which retails for under two pounds a Tesco’s costs more than twice that in Superdrug and Waitrose. This is not a unique case and in most situations the price between the highest cost retailer and the lowest is around double.

MySupermarket is going to be launching a feature that highlights where the best deals can be found and when they will be running to and from. There will also be a section with particularly good deals and where they are available. The company will also highlight how good the different deals are and suggest whether consumers should start buying in bulk if they are a product that they regularly use.

The difference between prices on products throughout the year can be significant and if you use a certain product very regularly then it makes sense to buy it when it is on special offer. However, it is also important not to buy extra products simply because they are on sale as you will probably find you won’t use them.