Natural beauty is very much in vogue

Natural beauty is very fashionable at the moment; but it can be a difficult look for many women to achieve, especially when it comes to their complexion, with most depending on a bathroom full of creams and lotions to cover up their blemishes and faults.

There are celebrities – and even normal women – out there who seem to effortlessly achieve glowing, natural-looking skin. So how do they do it?

The first thing to realise is that every external feature, whether your skin, hair or even teeth, are affected by the way that you feel inside. This holistic attitude towards beauty may sound like a poor alternative to face masks and chemical peels, but the truth is that if women take care of their inner self they will notice a difference on the outside too.

Western women are more interested in beauty, and beauty products in particular, than those in any other part of the world. In fact, women in countries like the UK can spend upwards of £65,000 maintaining the way their skin and hair looks between their difficult teenage years and the end of their twenties; the time when their skin and hair looks at its best anyway. Many girls are as young as 12 when they buy their first cosmetics or beauty products, a habit that continues to grow until their mid-20s.

As more people try to find ways to cut their spending on luxury items, surely there has to be an alternative to spending thousands of pounds on expensive moisturisers and make-up, or paying a small fortune for appointments at local salons. Luckily, there are several simple steps that any woman can follow to achieve the natural beauty that everyone craves, saving themselves a small fortune into the bargain.

There is no need to buy face masks from High Street stores when it is so easy to make your own at home, using ingredients that most people have sitting in their kitchen. Mix avocado, honey and a few drops of cider vinegar together to form a thick paste; smear this over your face and leave for around 15 minutes before removing with warm water for smooth, healthy skin.

The importance of water cannot be over-emphasised when it comes to skin health; both internally and externally. Drink plenty of water and herbal teas to keep your system clear of toxins which can very quickly leave your skin looking greasy and dull. Give your skin a quick boost by preparing a bowl of warm water with lemon juice, mint or a few drops of aromatherapy oils. Soak your flannel in the mixture and lay it over your face while you lie back and relax.

Tired eyes are the biggest problem when it comes to relying on natural beauty, with most resorting to chemical-laden creams. Many women think that the old cliché of using a couple of slices of cucumber on the eyes is just that; a cliché. Yet this is actually an extremely effective way of regenerating the skin around the eyes and getting rid of unattractive dark shadows.

Finally, steam is an excellent way of opening the pores and getting rid of all the dirt and grease that can easily cause spots. Boil up the kettle and carefully pour the heated water into a bowl and once it has cooled a little add some peppermint or a few lavender leaves.

Sit with your face over the steam, maximising the effect by draping a towel over your head. After a just a few minutes your skin will be noticeable smoother, and if you keep up this kind of treatment regularly you will soon be able to enjoy the naturally glowing skin that you crave.