Natural Hay Fever Relief from STÉRIMAR

Allergic rhinitis, commonly called hay fever, affects millions of people each summer. When airborne allergens such as pollens and spores come into contact with the body, it reacts with the usual dreaded symptoms.

STÉRIMAR is a pure and natural sea water nasal spray that helps keep noses healthy by cleaning and clearing nasal passages. STÉRIMAR very quickly and gently clears pollen, dust and other airborne allergens from the nose, working on the actual cause of hay fever and allergies. Acting as a natural preventative, it helps free the nose allowing you to breathe naturally.

Hay fever is typically treated with antihistamines and corticosteroids, however, there?s a wide range of clinical evidence supporting the effectiveness of sea water in treating hay fever in both adults and
children. Studies have shown that STÉRIMAR on its own or in conjunction with other medication is an effective way to flush out allergens and clear the nose to significantly improve the flow of air. A breath of sea air for sufferers.

STÉRIMAR is 100% natural, drug and preservative free so is safe to be used on babies, young children, during pregnancy or where the choice of medication may be restricted. Without any side effects or drug interaction,
it can be used as often as desired or in conjunction with any other medication.

STÉRIMAR is recommended by GPs, pharmacists and health professionals in over 84 countries and trusted by millions around the world?

?”As a pharmacist I recommend Stérimar as a safe, natural way to clear the nasal passages and remove small particles from the nose. Stérimar is highly effective and a great remedy for people who prefer the natural option.?” Sonal Davda, MRPharms

There are two STÉRIMAR products to choose from:

STÉRIMAR ® Isotonic ?Nasal Hygiene? (RRP £6.49)

STÉRIMAR Isotonic* ?Nasal Hygiene? is so gentle that it can be used on babies 3 months upwards. It can be used daily to gently moisturise and cleanse the nasal passageways, removing allergens in the first instance and therefore reducing hay fever symptoms. Beyond hay fever it is also highly effective at relieving dry or stuffy noses and helping with other nasal conditions such as colds, sinusitis or for postoperative care It is a must for all the family as an everyday preventative cleanser to ensure wellbeing and a healthy and working nose.

STÉRIMAR ® Hypertonic ?Blocked Nose? (RRP £6.99)

STÉRIMAR Hypertonic ?Blocked Nose? has a higher salt concentration than STÉRIMAR Isotonic for a stronger yet gentle decongestive effect. When sprayed into a blocked nose, the extra saltiness creates a natural osmotic effect that helps draw out fluid and quickly relieves congestion. Copper and manganese have also been added to STÉRIMAR hypertonic for their anti-infectious and anti-allergic properties. Suitable for adults and children (3 years plus).

Directions: Simply insert the specially designed nozzle into each nostril 2 to 6 times a day or more if required. Spray briefly and allow the excess solution to drain away before gently blowing your nose. Always wash nozzle with soapy water after each use.

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