Negative thoughts lead to depression

Negative thoughts can quickly lead to feelings of self loathing due to the fact that one negative thought usually quickly leads to the next and soon they continue to become even worse when piled up and before you know it if you do not put a stop to the thoughts you will believe you are the most worthless person that is alive.

The trick then becomes learning how to deal with negative thoughts, and how to make the positive thoughts just as powerful as we already know the negative thoughts can be. It is not so easy to make positive thoughts as strong as negative thoughts because it always seems to be easier to put yourself down than to build yourself up.

Most of this is likely because people are used to being negative therefore it is some type of comfort zone, even if that is not something that we want to recognise. However, you want your comfort zone to be positive therefore as soon as a negative thought enters our brain we need to quickly learn how to replace it with a more positive thought and start to create a new comfort zone for yourself.

Once you learn to create positive energy for yourself you will realize that it is easier to have happy thoughts about situations and other people as well because you will not automatically jump to the negative side of the equation.

When we are depressed we send out angry and sad vibrations about ourselves, this is why it can be so hard to get out of a bad mood because you will end up getting angry and sad vibrations targeted back at you making it even harder to fight through them when they are coming from every direction.