New anti-aging wonder cream selling out at Boots

Boots stores are still reporting across Britain that they are still selling out of the new anti-aging wonder cream. Between the stores, and the manufacturer’s website, over 10,000 units are being sold every 30 minutes. Tummy Fix, by Nip + Tuck has been successfully trialled on manboobs, double chins and stomachs. Now it has been discovered to be an incredible anti-aging product for the face too.

As it’s guaranteed to last longer and cost less that the expensive treatments, and over 3000 people volunteered for the trials. They all wanted to see if a cream really could tighten, tone and smooth. The results were staggering, with 82% saying that they wanted to continue using it on their faces.

Thousands now swear by this miracle cream, which sells for only £18.95. They all report seeing a difference in skin elasticity, tighter jowls and smoother wrinkles. In little over a fortnight, they reported that their face was toned and tightened, and that their face appeared lifted and the eye area vastly improved.

A Boots spokesperson commented “this product never ceases to amaze us and it’s breaking our sales records daily and weekly. Customers swear by it for a multitude of beauty problems and they’re coming back to buy in bulk before it sells out again.”

A snippet of trial testimonials include:
Amy Williams, Ashford comments “I asked the company if I could trial this product on my face. In as little as a week my face and eye area had significantly lifted, it’s like a mini face lift in a tube, I’ve stopped buying my expensive face cream.”

Jenny Crawford, beautician, Horsham “This product is seriously good it’s toned my face and my wrinkles are softer in under 3 weeks of use.”

Audrey Anderson “I cannot afford expensive face creams at present so jumped at the chance to trial this product on my face. The results have been amazing with many of my friends saying I now look rested and younger. They’ve all gone out to buy the product as it last for ages and is affordable for those on a budget.”
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