New case study from Xercise4Less on weight loss case study

Personal Trainer: Tom Cowen

Overview: Three sisters Suzanne Watson, Sharon Austin and Amanda Ramsey were all overweight with unhealthy diets and lifestyles. With a lack of self-confidence and motivation they couldn’t crack their bad habits. Since summer 2014 they have lost nearly 10 stone between them.

Suzanne Watson

Size 18 to a size 12

Start weight: 14.2

Weight now: 10.8

Age 41

“Being totally honest, I was fat, unfit and in denial until I finally faced up to reality and started training at Xercise4Less with personal trainer Tom Cowen. It was one of the hardest but best decisions I’ve ever made.

I was a typical fad dieter and every January I’d buy the latest fitness DVD and they all remain unwatched. My main downfall was that I was a sugar junkie – chocolate was my biggest problem. I was also a slave to the scales, weighing myself 2/3 times a day.

Now understand scales not the main thing. It’s how I feel in about myself and enjoying my figure. The best thing for me was joining Xercise4Less and signing up to a personal trainer. I enjoy exercise so much even though the sessions are a killer. My ultimate goal is to be a personal trainer.

Now my diet has completely changed – it’s no longer a diet, it’s a lifestyle.

Sharon Austin

Age: 44

Weighed 15.13 size 20

Weight now 12.9 size 14

“I started training with Tom mid-June last year. I originally had no intention of ever training with him as I felt too embarrassed and ashamed of how much I’d let myself go. I was very jealous and envious of how well Suzanne was doing training with you but still lacked confidence to do it myself. At the time I had been doing the herbilfe diet, another fad diet that I didn’t stick to!

I’d previously tried slimming world, weight watchers, Atkins, 5-2 diet, slim fast, eat for all and many more, every January Suzanne and I would decide which diet we were going to do, it was mainly slimming world or weight watchers, once we’d chosen the diet we then needed to choose a class that we hadn’t attended before as we knew most of the leaders and it was embarrassing when they knew us when we walked in.

I’d usually stick to one of the fad diets for about four weeks then I would have a slight weight gain and give up. The sad thing is that this has gone on for over 10 years and ultimately, it has led to slowly gaining weight.

I finally decided to join the gym and was finally convinced by Suzanne that training together with the help and guidance of a Personal Trainer would work out for the best.

Food was never an issue, I hadn’t eaten chocolate for about eight years and I had a fairly healthy diet, I knew that the only way that I would ever lose weight and become healthy was to give up drinking wine and to exercise.

I used to drink two bottles of wine to myself every night and on a weekend would open a third bottle and consume most of that.

I was dying after that first session and hated every minute of it but after the first week of exercising and cutting out the wine, I lost 9lb – that was the best feeling ever! By the time I went on holiday five weeks later I’d lost 21lb and felt amazing, I even managed to lose a few pounds while on holiday. That was a first!

I now love training with my sister and Tom and really enjoy going to the gym, I’ve even stopped drinking wine completely.

I get so much pleasure from feeling good about myself and being able to shop for smaller clothes, I’ve still got a long way to go but I intend to be wearing a bikini for the first time in 18 years when I go away this year in July.

Amanda Ramsey

Age :47

Previous weight 11.3 size 14

Weight now 10.3 Size 10

“I’ve always been a yoyo dieter. I’ve don’t them all…slimming world, weight watchers even hypnotherapy! I always lost the weight but never kept it off. And then when it did return it was always with a bit of extra weight.

I got to a stage where I realised I was just getting bigger and more unfit! I’ve only got three years until I’m 50 – I made a pack with myself that I wouldn’t be fat and 50. My sister’s started training and I saw what a difference it was making to their figures and lifestyle and how well they were looking so decided to bite the bullet and go and see Tom and I’ve not looked back!

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