New Colgate Interdental toothpaste

If you have ever experienced that feeling that although you have just cleaned your teeth there is still a party going on in your mouth with many uninvited guests, the chances are that there is bacteria lurking in the gaps your toothbrush can’t get into, so your mouth is never totally clean. Whilst many companies have claimed to have produced the ultimate toothpaste, it is hard to find any that match up to the brand new toothpaste from Colgate; Interdental.

This works in a completely different way in which when the toothpaste makes contact with your teeth, millions upon millions of micro particles are produced, which attack the bacteria you are missing with your bristles. Billed as the ultimate clean for a healthy mouth, the great new television ad demonstrates exactly how Interdental works, and how you too can now experience cleaner teeth than you could ever have thought possible.

Through a combination of live action and animation, we see the toothpaste on the brush then all the micro particles being released and removing the bacteria trapped in the gaps and along the gum line. There is even a bacteria scale at the side to show the level dissipating until it disappears altogether. The result is the cleanest teeth you have ever experienced, along with the knowledge that no nasty bacteria has been left behind.

Over the years, Colgate have built themselves an enviable reputation when it comes to dental care and oral health, and everyone of their products undergoes stringent testing before it is released onto the market. Interdental is the toothpaste we have been waiting for, as there is nothing better than your teeth feeling, instead of just looking, clean. If your teeth still feel rough after cleaning, and your breath isn’t as fresh as it should be, then your mouth deserves the Colgate Interdental experience.