New fragrance candy reaches Europe

A new body fragrance candy that is based around Geraniol is now being released throughout Europe by the UK company Imports DG Ltd. The body fragrance is already available in China, the US, Armenia, and Korea where it has been met with great success.

The fragrance is based on rose oil compounds and in particular on geraniol that allows it to permeate through the skin so that the wearer actually smells like the candy they just consumed. Therefore, the DEO Perfume Candy is both a candy that makes your breath smell better while also helping our entire body to smell better.

According to a press release put out by Imports DG, an average person that weighs 65kg would need to eat about 3.6mg of Geraniol in order for fragrance effect to be noticeable. Therefore, by just consuming two candies the average wearer will be able to give off the rose fragrance for about six hours.

At the moment within the UK the DEO Perfume Candy can only be found online at and on but Imports DG Ltd is in negotiations with UK high street retailers right now to get it into shops soon. DEO Perfume Candy is manufactured in Bulgaria by confectionary producer Alpi and was created by Beneo the ingredients company.

The idea of sweets that could double as a perfume first came about in Japan when experts started to look into how fragrances were released via the skin. In order to determine how geraniol would escape through the skin they took a closer look at garlic which is known for its very strong smell that seems to pour out of people’s pores once they consume it. Area Sales Manager for Beneo Wim Dries stated that DEO is the perfect antidote to garlic.