New research claims that skin colouring can be improved by eating fruit and veg

Researchers at the University of St Andrews claim that eating fresh fruit and vegetables, even for just a few weeks, can improve your skin colour. The scientists at the university quizzed thirty-five students, mostly white, on their fruit and vegetable consumption over a six week period.

Then the scientists used an instrument to analyse their skin colour before, during and after the experiment. It was found that changing fruit and vegetable intake could be related to changes in skin colour. The more fruit and vegetables consumed, the deeper the natural red and yellow skin tone.

It has actually been known for a while that yellow and red pigments, known as carotenoids, are found in many fruits and vegetables and that these can have an effect on skin colour. Other research has suggested that these changes can even make you more attractive because there is a link between skin tone and perceived attractiveness.

It is not exactly clear what effect a normal healthy diet will have on your skin tone and other scientists have said that the study might not give the full picture of the link between skin appearance and consumption of fruit and vegetables. Also the researchers conceded that more research was needed into non-white people and also elderly people.

Dr. Glenys Jones, from Cambridge University’s Medical Research Council, Human Nutrition Research laboratory also said that food preparation could make a difference as to how many carotenoids were present in food and that the study had not taken this into account in their research.