New year detoxes

Now is one of the times to think about detoxing because Christmas and the holiday season in general is when the average person eats the most calories per day out of the entire year. This is also the time when most people are more likely to drink too many soft drinks and alcohol.

When you do the math, the average person can end up eating almost double what they would eat on a regular basis and therefore it is very likely that the notch on the scale goes up by the end of the season.

The good news is that a lot of the weight gain can be attributed to junk food and waste that has clogged up the system leading to bloating, facial bloating, and swelling of the abdomen. The even better news is that you can help resolve this issue by simply looking into a quick detox that will get these wastes out of your system and off the scale.

The best way to start to start off detoxing is by having a normal breakfast and then afterwards only indulging in simple food items such as grapes or pears. Make sure to drink plenty of good water as well that is not tap water. Non-sparkling water should do the trick.

The next morning you can start to eat again but make sure to eat slowly. Do not shovel food directly into the body because you want to cleanse the system. Avoid any acidic foods because they are going to be too bitter.

The next day attempt to detox again choosing to detox on two days a week, such as Tuesday and Thursdays. This is the easiest on your system and is also the safest way since you need to make sure you are getting nutrients. After a week or two you should feel great again.