OctoBeardFest gives you the chance to save lives through growing a beard

The team carrying on the research on prostate cancer in University of Surrey is in urgent need of funds. The charity, called The Prostate Project, has made a request to men in UK to grow a beard in the month of October to show support to the cause of the charity. 916 men lose their lives because of prostate cancer every month in the country.

The Appeal is called ‘OctoBeardfest’. It is being launched with help from the Surrey Advertiser, Hogs Back Brewery, Knauf UK and Univar in hundreds of pubs and clubs throughout Surrey and beyond.

Pub landlords and managers are being encouraged to get staff and customers to enter teams of ‘Best Beards’. The event will culminate in a Grand OctoBeardfest Awards Festival at Hogs Back Brewery near Guildford, on Saturday Nov 2 when prizes will be awarded for best beards and most money raised. OctoBeardfest is open to everyone.

Getting involved is easy. There are only 3 rules:

Stop shaving on September 30.
Don’t shave again until November 1
Get 5 people to sponsor you for £5 each.

The money is urgently needed to provide more support for the world-class cancer research team at the University of Surrey under the leadership of Professor Hardev Pandha. They desperately need funds for their pioneering work in vaccine, genes and viral therapy and also to initiate more trials for EN2 – a protein discovered in urine that can detect cancer cells 50% more accurately than the 30 year old PSA test.

The Charity is also raising money to help build a new model NHS Urology Centre at the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford – a vital hub that will serve over 1 million patients.

In just 4 days since the Appeal was launched, 37 Surrey pubs and many clubs/companies have agreed to take part. With just 12 days to go, the Charity is hoping many more will join before October 1. The Prostate Project has no paid staff or expensive offices. At least 96 pence in every pound donated goes directly to the point of need.

Please contact Tim Sharp on 07989 865702 (text or call) or email: tim@timothysharp.co.uk
More information is available at: www.prostate-project.co.uk