Office Fitness advise on exercise for desk based workers

Those who spend 8-10 hours a day in sedentary desk-based roles are most likely to have poor upper-body strength, according to work health leaders Office Fitness.

Formed from a collection of physiotherapists and sports scientists, Office Fitness have explained that by taking five to ten minutes a day, workers can counter the adverse effects of the “lock-in” positions caused by sitting at a desk all day.

The Office Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell has been ergonomically designed to sit neatly alongside workspaces without toppling or rolling, and can be used to vastly improve upper body strength without interrupting the working day. By using the handheld weighted bars for as little as five minutes every hour, users can improve their strength and mobility vastly.

Paul Matthews, Owner of Office Fitness, said, “Improving upper body strength can be difficult to do, especially if you have a job that means you spend a lot of time sat still in the same position. However, a “little and often” approach can help you start to notice a real difference in both your strength and flexibility, and our Adjustable Dumbell helps to make this achievable with minimal fuss or interruption.”

Suitable for both men and women with a choice of five weight settings, the portable and compact Adjustable Dumbell means you can use the same piece of equipment for multiple movements. Users can choose weights between 2.5kg and 12kg, that can be increased or decreased as necessary.

The negative health impacts of inactive employment for extended periods of time is well-documented, and some of the upper body complaints can include imbalances of shortened chest muscles, and stretched back and neck muscles, which can lead to lumbar hyperlordosis, also known as Sway Back.

Staying toned and healthy at work is made easier by Office Fitness. Their equipment comes with a workout DVD and an office-specific exercise booklet with guidance on appropriate and effective movements that can be practised in the working environment.

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