Organic Chlorella from Nature Complete could help with post-Christmas detox

The essence of nature is balance, so after the season of excess make this the time of redress. Let organic Chlorella from Nature Complete carry away those harmful toxins.

Chlorella has been valued for its health enhancing powers for decades in the Far East. Particularly popular in health-obsessed Japan, it is a natural food that not only cleans out the body, but also strengthens the immune system.

What is so special about Chlorella?

One of the original foundations of life on earth and one of nature’s richest sources of food, Chlorella is a single-cell plant that thrives in sun-drenched, clean water pools.

• Powerful Detoxifier

It is particularly good at capturing toxins such as mercury and other heavy metals like aluminium and cadmium. Each cell acts like a dustbin trapping the toxins inside and carrying them out of the body. If they are not removed, metals tend to remain in the colon, reducing the gut’s ability to absorb vitamins. They have also been linked to a range of diseases from irritable bowel syndrome to Alzheimer’s.

• Protein Rich

Chlorella is around 60% protein, twice that of soya beans, and contains 19 amino acids, including all the essential ones.

• Great source of B12 and other vitamin and minerals

There is more vitamin B12 in Chlorella than beef liver. B12 prevents anaemia, promotes growth in children and helps maintain a healthy nervous system.

• Antioxidant

It contains high levels of beta carotene, an antioxidant that research has linked with reducing the risk of cancer and other diseases.

• Strengthens the Immune System

Chlorella is very rich in chlorophyll, nearly 50 times the amount found in alfalfa. Chlorophyll is known to boost the immune system by promoting T-cell activity, which enhances the body’s ability to fight off infection. Chlorella has been shown to stimulate the production of interferon, believed to be one of the most potent natural defences against cancer.

• Unique

Yet another beneficial chemical in its armoury is a unique substance called Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), which is used by the plant to help it reproduce rapidly. When eaten, CFG is believed to have a healing quality by speeding up the repair of damaged human tissue.

Chlorella has only recently become available in the UK and Organic Chlorella from Nature Complete is the only brand that is certified by the Soil Association.

Available in selected health food stores including The Nutri Centre and Waitrose, also available on online at or