Pomegranate juice the stress super-food

Pomegranate juice, in a recent study, lowers the heart rate, makes one feel better towards work and helps to lower office stress. A group of volunteers were studied by scientists and drank 500ml of juice daily for two weeks.

At the start and end of the study pulse rates were taken and the volunteers filled out questionnaires describing their feelings and mood about work. The results showed that almost all the workers were more inspired, proud, enthusiastic and active.

The study says the volunteers were less likely to be nervous, guilty, distresses or ashamed compared to the start of the fortnight and the majority had lower pulse rates. Researchers say that because of these results there is a justifiable argument in favour of busy workers drinking pomegranate juice to alleviate stress and remain in good health.

The evidence is growing that pomegranate juice has wide ranging benefits that should receive more research. This is strange for an all natural juice to offer such a wide range of health benefits that are seen in pomegranate juice.