Poor diet and hair loss have a hidden link

Experts have warned amount about the link between hair loss and a poor diet after several high profile women have revealed that they are suffering from thinning hair thanks to their eating habits.
Lady Ga Ga has revealed that she experienced hair loss as a teenager due to Bulimia and the model Imogen Thomas has told of the thinning hair and alopecia she suffered due to both stressing about her body image and her affair with Ryan Giggs.
 Only recently, domestic goddess Nigella Lawson was spotted with a few noticeable bald patches after the dramatic weight loss she has had in recent months. Lucas Sojka is the MD of Hair Solved, the hair loss clinic, and is an expert in female hair loss. He is warning women never to underestimate the effect their diet can have on the health of their hair.
 Lucas has said that you can never 100% pin point the exact cause of hair loss, but over the years he has helped many women who believed their hair loss was directly linked to the poor food choices they were making in their diet. He added that nutritional deficiencies could contribute to hair loss as it could weaken the hair shafts and cause them to dry up and snap easily.
 Lucas says that Vitamin A was vital for helping both the growth and the health if tissues and cells throughout the body, including the scalp and hair, so a prolonged deficiency of this vitamin could lead to both the loss of hair and its lack of regrowth.
“Eating disorders have a very damaging impact on your body and many sufferers don’t realise they can cause hair problems as well. Many bulimia sufferers become dehydrated and the lack of water causes hair to become dry and fall out. The high levels of acid from constant vomiting also makes healthy hair hard to maintain.  If you’re body isn’t getting enough energy from food it can lead to poor circulation of blood to the scalp. Hair then starts to shed when it isn’t getting enough oxygen through proper blood flow.”
“Females suffering from eating disorders are dealing with real self-confidence problems and hair loss on top of this is devastating and can create a vicious cycle of stress and further hair loss.  Hair loss can affect every area of a woman’s life; many feel it holds them back in their career, their social life and their personal life. I’ve even spoken to some women who felt they lost their femininity because of hair loss.”
Hair Solved has developed The Enhancer, a non-surgical hair integration system for females who have lost their hair. The Enhancer gives hair loss sufferers a full head of real hair which, unlike a wig, won’t slip out of place and can be styled, cut and coloured.
Lucas adds: “If you are suffering from an eating disorder then it’s important to get help and support from a doctor first and foremost. However, it is comforting for women to know there are natural hair replacement systems to give them the confidence to recover from alopecia.”
Hair Solved has studios across the UK in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Belfast. For more information log onto: www.hair-solved.com