Professor Ursula James’ MP3 to Stop Teeth-Grinding

The only professor of clinical hypnosis in the UK has added a solution to teeth-grinding, medically known as Bruxism, to her ever growing range of self-help MP3s. “Stop Teeth-Grinding” is the latest release by Professor Ursula James and is available now in the iTunes store. The EP helps listeners to tap in to the power of hypnotherapy, holistically find and work through the source of the problem and take control of grinding.

Many habitual teeth grinders are unaware of their habit, and will often only hear of it for the first time when it is noticed by others.  Tell-tale signs can include a sore jaw or signs of wearing teeth.  Dentists may suggest a specially made mouth guard or restorative work to combat the effects of teeth grinding.  Recommendations such as less caffeine, not chewing on pens or pencils, being more aware of clenching and gnawing teeth and less alcohol consumption are common but can hard to put into practise.

Professor James’ approach helps patients take control of their teeth grinding – her suggestions, delivered via hypnotherapy, are available to download in EP format so teeth grinders can listen before bedtime.

The 20 minute track helps sufferers get to the source of the problem, unlike the band aid approach of fixing teeth after damage, or the alternative of wearing a mouth guard at night time.  Hypnosis is a tool that is able to be used to allow for changes to occur rapidly.  Hypnotherapy can reduce the habit of clenching or grinding teeth, especially when sleeping, after as little as three sessions.

The MP3 uses the power of suggestion to eliminate the habitual ‘clench’ which leads to teeth grinding. The “Stop Teeth-Grinding” MP3 brings the expertise of a recognised hypnotherapist to the user’s device, making for a convenient and effective mode of treatment.

Professor James said, “It can be impossible to stop teeth grinding alone as it’s usually an unconscious act. My MP3 can help and listeners should notice a difference after only a few days. It is the latest in a series of self-help recordings which cover a range of topics, following numerous requests from clients.”

The 22 minutes long MP3 track “Stop Teeth-Grinding”, is available to download now from the Ursula James website or from the iTunes store:

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