Ragdale Hall’s products for people living with or post-cancer

Leading UK health spa, Ragdale Hall, is at the forefront of innovation in the spa industry once again, as it launches a new range of treatments using products specifically designed for people living with or post-cancer.

Leicestershire-based Ragdale has teamed up with Jennifer Young, whose research into the effects of cancer and cancer treatment on people’s skin led to the creation of a product range named after her. The collaboration makes Ragdale Hall the only spa in the country to offer this range of treatments using Jennifer Young products, which launches on 1st October 2015.

Health spas have historically been cautious about performing treatments on people currently living with cancer, or who have experienced it within the last five years – one of the main reasons being that skin can change significantly as a result of cancer treatment with side effects including sensitivity, dryness and nail problems.

Ragdale Hall has for some time been researching what more could be done to enhance the spa experience for anyone in this position and, after meeting Jennifer and learning about her products and philosophy, there was no looking back.

Ragdale’s Senior Treatments manager, Hannah Farrell Wall , said: “We were immediately impressed with Jennifer’s product range and the research behind it. Her products have produced some exceptional results and that fits with Ragdale’s own philosophy of offering our guests the highest quality experience we can. Jennifer herself will be directly involved in training our therapists in how to use the products to maximise results, which we believe will make our team one of the best in the country for this specific type of treatment.”

The Jennifer Young skincare range includes face, lip, foot and hand balms, skin and nail oils, facial serums and a facial spritz. They successfully soothe, nourish, heal and repair skin and nails but are free from ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, endocrine disruptors, and petroleum and mineral oils. In fact, they are 100 per cent natural and organic, and also suitable for people with sensitive skin and skin problems such as excema and psoriasis.

The range of Jennifer Young treatments at Ragdale Hall consists of: Gently Calming Facial – 50 minutes/£60; Comforting Body Massage – 50 minutes/£62, Indulgent Journey (all-in-one treatment) – 75 minutes/£75; Gently Soothing Manicure – 50 minutes/£49; Gently Soothing Pedicure – 50 minutes/£49. All treatments will be available from 1st October 2015 to anyone booked as a Ragdale Hall guest on either a spa day or spa break.

Jennifer has a BSc (Hons) in biology and two postgraduate qualifications in health-related fields. She is an experienced microbiologist, a nutritional therapist, an associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine, and a qualified aromatherapist, beauty therapist and product formulator.  She has taught internationally and been active in medical research. Jennifer was invited into the world of cancer support when ladies at her local NHS hospital asked her to work with them and create specialist skincare and cosmetics for those going through treatment. When Jennifer first entered the chemo ward, she, like many others, had no idea that many cancer patients suffered from skin- and nail-related side effects of treatment.

She is the founder of www.BeautyDespiteCancer.co.uk and in her new book Recognise Yourself -Beauty Despite Cancer Jennifer shares her knowledge and experience by showing those living with cancer and beyond how to prevent, reduce, disguise, camouflage and soothe their appearance-related side effects.

She said: “Ragdale Hall has established itself as one of the country’s leading spas, not only in terms of its exceptional facilities, but in its ongoing commitment to developing and evolving what is on offer for a diverse range of guests. I am proud to be working closely with such an innovative, motivated and professional team and know that many people will benefit from this great new range of treatments using my specialised products.”

For Ragdale guests who would like to continue the positive effects of their treatments at home, products from the Jennifer Young Face and Body ranges will be available in the Hall’s Beauty Shop, while copies of Recognise Yourself – Beauty Despite Cancer are available in Ragdale’s Boutique.

Anyone living with or beyond cancer is advised to first seek advice from their GP or consultant regarding their individual suitability for using Ragdale’s specialist facilities, such as the Thermal Spa area, before booking. More information about the spa and the Jennifer Young range of spa treatments can be found at www.ragdalehall.co.uk.