‘Ready to Glow’ campaign fronted by Kimberley Walsh

Singer and actress Kimberley Walsh is known for her natural beauty, and is ready to launch the  Ready to Glow campaign that is aimed at empowering women to feel and look great by taking care of some beauty basics daily that will help them ‘glow.’

The Ready to Glow campaign is a joint effort by E45, Veet, Scholl, Optrex, and Clearasil and is the first campaign of its type. It reaches out to all women to show them that they do not need make-up artists or invasive treatments in order to look beautiful and flawless.

New research shows that 66% of women feel that their everyday beauty routine helps them feel more confident in their appearance than the simple act of putting on make-up. Women also report that beauty preparations such as moisturizing help them to glow!

Kimberley’s stripped-back and bare-faced beauty is on show in a series of stunning, never seen before photographs and behind the scenes film. She comments: “I am proud to be part of Ready to Glow, like many woman I’ve had my own body hang-ups in the past but I’m passionate about helping or supporting other women to feel confident in their own skin and celebrating natural beauty.”

Kimberley goes on to say: “Covering over the cracks with make-up and fake tan doesn’t always make us look or feel better – I always feel more confident and beautiful by doing the body basics before I step out.”

Kimberley adds: “You don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive beauty products to look and feel great. Everyday beauty basics such as Scholl, Clearasil, Veet, Optrex and E45 will help you glow from top to toe. I love using all the brands as part of my everyday beauty routine.”

The gorgeous star, who is known for her clear, fresh skin and ‘real’ approach to her appearance comments: “Having fresh, clear looking skin requires a daily cleansing routine. I wash my face every morning and always remove any make-up before I go to bed.”

But a beautiful fresh face isn’t just about the skin, bright sparkly eyes are important too. Kimberley says: “My eyes can start looking dull and tired when I’ve been travelling or on tour and need brightening. Make-up isn’t enough to make them look and feel great, using a moisturising eye spray such as Optrex Actimist 2in1 forTired and Uncomfortable Eyes ensures my eyes are fresh and revived throughout the day.  No matter what I am wearing, I don’t feel ‘ready’ until I’ve moisturised my whole body and it feels silky smooth. When I’ve moisturised and taken care of my skin, I’m ready for anything be it a photoshoot, walking the red carpet or hanging out with my friends.”

Kimberley adds: “Regardless of what clothes or make-up I’m wearing I don’t feel right if underneath it all I’ve got dry skin and hairy legs. I still feel unkempt – I want to be groomed. I always feel confident when my skin is smooth and hair free after a wax.”

The Ready to Glow campaign reminds women that true ‘top to toe beauty’ goes right down to their toes! A regular foot care routine ensures you are ready to throw on those sexy sandals at a moment’s notice, safe in the knowledge that your feet look beautiful too.

With some of the busiest tootsies in showbiz, Kimberley agrees: “With all the dancing I do I need to pay even more attention to my feet as they often take a battering! In fact, Strictly Come Dancing did more damage to my feet than climbing Mount Kilimanjaro! With my job I’m lucky that I get to wear beautiful shoes but it means my feet need to look good too – a regular foot care routine is important for me as it’s easy to forget about your feet, especially when they’re hidden away.”

Kimberley, who invited cameras behind the scenes to watch her get ready, comments: “When you’ve got your glow, you feel confident, flawless and ready to take on whatever the day throws at you!”

The Ready to Glow campaign is brought to you by Scholl, Clearasil, Veet, Optrex and E45. Marketing Director, Jérôme Lemaire says: “We are thrilled to be working with Kimberley Walsh on Ready to Glow. She is the perfect fit for all five essential beauty brands which enable women to glow from top to toe at home and with no fuss. Kimberley is the ultimate girl-next-door – she is aspirational, yet women can relate to her.”

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